I've always loved fashion and right out of high school I wanted to go to FIT for Fashion Marketing, but I wanted a broader selection in marketing which led me to Rutgers Business School, where my heart is. But although I'm currently in the marketing field I still had a passion for Fashion, Beauty, style, and makeup. And with this blog is my way of sharing what I love and still do Marketing on the side.
When people look at you, the first thing they notice is what you're wearing and your body language, and they automatically start judging you. So why not look good in your own skin and be judged looking great at the same time. I'm here to help ladies!

I want to help women flaunt their figures with the right outfits, accessories, hair and makeup so they look their best even when going to mall.
So no more sweat pants ladies!

Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”  Anna Wintour


  1. I love the dresses from She INside. They are all so gorgeous.

  2. Wow, beautiful pic!! :) btw are you egyptian? i'm half egyptian and I think you look like egyptian ;D!

    1. Hey Sonja!

      Yes I am Egyptian, just checked out your blog, you're gorgeous!

      Keep in touch!
      Olivia Abdelmalek

    2. Thank you Olivia, and thanks for your comment on my blog! Unfortunately it seems like my computer deleted it after I saw it (by accident). I'm new on blogger so i'm just trying to learn to use this ;D Thanks again!

      Sonja Eid

      btw u got a new follower!