Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hello fashionistas! Today, I give you a different type of outfit, a night out look!

Wristlet: Envelope Wristlet
Lipstick: Dior- Vogue

Photo Credit:Marcus

You can't go wrong with a black and red outfit, especially with this lovely bright red skort. Black and red is the perfect combo that I will never get tired of.  This combination especially stood out to me because of the top and skort specifically. The top, first, has two seriously hot looks, it's reversible! Which is a big deal to me because I can wear it more twice, while not really wearing it twice. One side is what I am currently wearing, which is this fluid wet-look, I wore this on a night out in the city for a friends birthday. It was the perfect top, flashy and shimmery enough without all the dazzle. Now this skort, where do I start? The color, the shape, the material, its so daring and I love it. The skort allowed me to give off a show stopping look with this faux wrap effect in the front, with a basic short in the back. The asymmetrical lines in the front gives it a classically elegant, yet modern look. This is the perfect night out look, mainly because its a very bold and fearless look. The necklace really stood out to me, it has pearls, rhinestones, and a cord. I love a good statement necklace, and this is the definition of a statement necklace. It really stood out to me, it has so much detailing that I couldn't keep my hands off it. 

I will be coming out with a video on this look very soon, so stay tuned for you Youtube fans that don't like reading blogs. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Happy Tuesday!

Necklace: Banana Republic Similar Here! Also love!
Tote: Hampton Lock Tote ( finally online)

I love a solid navy dress with a light brown accessories. The color, shape and material is what stood out to me. It is the perfect sophisticated work dress that is long enough for the work meetings yet sexy enough for the after work, late night dinner & drinks. The material is perfect for summer because its not too thick, and can be worn during the fall/ winter with a nice white blazer. The v-neck allowed me to wear a bold statement necklace, and the dress certainly needed it. My busy work week asks for a tote that fits all my essentials, and this tote is big enough and chic enough to come along with me to work. I love the rich cognac faux leather with golden accents on the tote, it went very well with my shoes and accessories.

Thank you so much for reading!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day In The City

Purse: Quilted Chain Strap Shoulder Bag (Finally in Pink)

Photos By:Paul Walker

When I laid my eyes on this skirt, I fell in LOVE! It's perfect for any occasion, I wore it to work. But it's perfect for work meetings to dinner and drinks with friends. These flared skirts are my favorite to combine in my outfits. They're so comfortable and it gives me the statement look I aim for. These types of skirts are perfect for the summer because its flared, rather than tight. I love the deep hand pockets on both sides of the dress so I can hide anything in my pocket and it doesn't stick out, such as my cellphone, lipstick, etc. The skirt gives off a modern style that meets vintage glam, which is a trend today. You can also wear this skirt with a crop top for the perfect party look. I decided to go with a plain black blouse that has a layer of sheer chiffon and pleats at the scoop neck. It has a silky front lining and a soft jersey back so its perfect for a casual or dressed up look. Since I stuck with black and white for my outfit, I needed something to spice up my outfit, which is why I went with this bright pink purse. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Happy Monday!

Top: ZARA Also Love!
Sunglasses:Emblem Eyewear Use code "Cleo'sKloset" for 15% off 

It has been so hot in NJ that the only way to keep cool is with flared skirts! They're all I wear lately as many of you have noticed. Especially this red flared skirt, I absolutely love the color and the shape of it. Any twirl I made with this skirt, it would flow up, I just fell in love. The wind would also blow it a bit, so it was the perfect flirty skirt for work, date night, or dinner and drinks. 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Happy Thursday !

For today's look I went with a simple tweed dress. Another favorite thing that I love about summer is wearing dresses like this. For these hot summer days, they are the perfect way to stay chic, sophisticated, yet cool in the heat. Dresses are very versatile because you can wear a belt to accessories, wear a longer skirt to change it up, or pair it up with a blazer or cardigan during the winter.  This one has a nice sheath texture so it is perfect for the fall and winter weather with a nice cardigan. I wore it during this weather because its sleeveless, so it worked very well for me. Perfect for these hot summer days! I stuck with the whole black and white look but I knew the outfit needed some type of color. Then I went with this gorgeous bright pink purse to bring the outfit to life.

Photos by:Andrew Wri

What is your summer staple?