Friday, February 28, 2014

Dressed Up Blue

Shoes: Bakers Shoes

So I know these pants are ankle pants, but they look like capris on me. I am about 5' 9" so it is difficult for me to find pants that fit. But luckily Express has long size pants, just not these ankle pants. However, they fit so well and are very comfortable and soft. I am falling in love with mixing up suits, which is why I matched this beautiful truly blue colored ankle pants with this tan blazer. The shirt matched perfectly with the pants as well, I love this damask printed sleeveless blouse. 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Industrial Checkered

So during the weekend I had the chance to go to Maryland. Beautiful, beautiful area, I just had to get my camera and shoot! This outfit is perfect for work or a night out to dinner, it's long enough for a corporate-chic look, or even happy hour. The pattern on this dress is what caught my eye, it has a unique checkered pattern that matches perfectly with this bright poppy red blazer. The blazer has shoulder pads which adds the perfect structure to the look. The cropped hemline of the blazer makes the outfit look more fun, and office-chic, rather than your typical long blazer. 

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sharp Houndstooth

Sunglasses: Fastiv
Bracelet: Express(Also Love)

Happy Monday everyone!
For today's look I went for a fun business outfit pairing these black and white houndstooth pants and a high neck cami. These pants are the main attraction of this outfit, and the pink wave cami just adds a pop off color to the black and white outfit. Spring is just around the corner and this is the perfect work outfit especially with these shortened ankle pants. The top is actually very gorgeous, it flows in a flaring trapeze shape, however I decided to tuck it in to give me more shape, and finished the look off with a plain black belt. So I went with the white blazer to make the outfit look a bit more business casual. 

What are some outfits you wear to work?

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Monday, February 17, 2014


I had such an amazing weekend, although I didn't have a Valentine, I had the opportunity to be with my LOVE! And that is Fashion <3 I spent my evening at the Couture Fashion Show, 19th Season.

I received so many compliments on this outfit! I love this skirt! I am falling in love with full/ long skirts. The best part is the see through chiffon part. So because my skirt was the main attraction for this look, I wanted a mellow top, so I went with this mint blouse that has a beautiful high-neck style with bead and rhinestone necklace detail. I kept the look simple with silver jewelry and this chain link belt. And of course, my leopard heels because well who doesn't love a little pattern to spice up an outfit?

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekend Wear

Top:(Similar) Jeans:EXPRESS (Similar) Necklace:Shoplately Floral Bib Necklace Ring: Forever21 Purse: Vintage Shoes: Old Navy (Similar-different print)

On the weekends when I don't have school or work I really enjoy being comfortable wherever I am going. Whether it's shopping or lunch, I tend to reach for my favorite pants! Express has the best Jeans ever! I got these back when I used to work there but I shared with you guys a similar pair. So I paired these comfortable jeans with a loose top, it is gorgeous and I love this top for the wide arm. It is a size medium so it is a little oversized but that's ok because it fits perfect. The necklace adds the perfect color to this outfit, along with this beautiful vintage purse I got from a flea market. WHAT A STEAL, huh?  I wanted to be comfortable so I went with these floral flats. 

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gatsby Theme

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 
During the weekend I went to the Empire Hotel Rooftop for the Gatsby Party and I fell in love with the theme! The music was from the 1920's and I absolutely loved it! The hotel had dancers, and a band which was a lot of fun.

Purse: Express Shoes:(Similar)

This tribal skirt just stood out to me, I love the length, the pattern, and the fit. I knew I wanted to stick with a crop top with this skirt because the skirt was so long. So I went with this beautiful leather crop top. Then to top the look off, I went with a black and tan purse and black shoes with a silver rhinestone necklace to complete the look. 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


As many of you might now I attended the Official FOXBAIT COUTURE launch last night where I meet the designers, saw an awesome preview of Flixel, you can see more on my INSTAGRAM or, it's great! It's a new type of photography, its living photos involving an "element of motion" Flixel describes it.

Here is a short commercial:

Now for my outfit :)

Jacket:H&M Short Jacket Top: H&M (Similar) Pants:(Similar) Boots:(Similar)
 Necklace: Aldo (Similar) Bag: Juicy Couture(Similar)

This blazer caught my eye in H&M because of its weird shape with cut triangles in the rounded hem. The white blouse matched perfectly with the navy blue jacket and to top it off I went with gold jewelry. The gold branch necklace, my new obsession, is my favorite part about this look! It was simple yet the perfect statement necklace I needed. Because the blouse had a V-neck shape to it, the necklace fit perfectly with the jacket. And one of my favorite bags, this Juicy Couture purse adds some print to the outfit, which I always love. 

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