Monday, March 10, 2014

Berry Spring

Spring is kicking off next week as well as spring break for most college students. I can't think of another way to kick off this amazing weather with a gorgeous colored dress. Yet it is still a bit chilly, so grab a sweater.

This scalloped trimmed dress is the perfect sweet dress, the color, the neckline, and its sleeveless. I wanted to base the entire outfit on the dress, which was the main attraction. I am in love with the pink/white combo, especially paired with this white textured sweater. This white textured sweater added the perfect prep to this ladylike outfit. I was told I looked like I just stepped out of the suburbs, which is exactly the look I was going for. This sweater is perfect because I can wear it over the shoulders like I wore it here, or I can actually put it on for those chilly nights, and it would look great over the pink dress. 

I originally wanted to wear this outfit with heels, but the dress would have been super short on me, so I stuck with these floral flats, which looked just as great with the outfit. Plus I was going for that sweet, preppy look, so the flats complimented the outfit perfectly. 

I am so excited that spring is coming, the weather in the east coast is finally getting a bit warmer. And I'm excited to announce that I will be going to Chicago this weekend then I'm off to Los Angeles for spring break! I am so ready for a change of weather.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely day! 
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