Thursday, July 10, 2014

Splurge vs. Save!

I am such a big fan of purses, just like any other girl! But, I'm not a much of a fan of pricey name brands! I think anyone can have a nice purse for a quarter of a price. 

Us women already have so much other accessories to purchase, we shouldn't splurge it all on one item. I know how all women think, especially when they see a bag they love! We buy a bag, and we want a pair of shoes to match, so why not get that same purse, thats not so pricey, and not a name brand, and get a gorgeous pair of shoes to match, at half the price!

This purse that you purchase, isn't going to be the only purse you own, so why not make some smart financial decisions because we should be budget-wavy.

As part of the Splurge vs. Save campaign, Credit Card Insider asked me to be a part of, I thought I'd share with you guys my save on this purse I purchased from Francesca's for only $33 ! It was originally $54, which is still low, but I bought it when Francesca's had 40% off which I couldn't help myself with.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this, I knew I had to have it, it actually reminds me of the Michael Kors line. But instead of paying $200-$300 something for a bag that I will be wearing every now and then, I decided to go with this just a gorgeous bag! I have already worn this a couple times, and shared it on instagram and received so many compliments! It has top handles, the chain and leather shoulder strap and comes with an extra satchel to wear across your body, similar to the MK bags. So I see no difference, except maybe material, quality, name brand (of course) ! 

Which one would you go with?

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Love it!

    New POST on my blog, what do you think about?

  2. I'm just like you, I love shopping and purses, but I don't like to spend all my money on brand pieces that I'll stop using, next season. The beauty of fashion is that is always changing.

    1. Thank you Monica! Love your comment on fashion always changing!

      Olivia Abdelmalek

  3. Great bag! love the color :P
    xoxo - Ofri

  4. Lovely bag, the color is really great!

  5. Such an awesome bag! I love its colour! ;)

  6. makes sense. I love the color of the orange bag. reminds me of an hermes tote which i will always be craving.

    xx I'd love it if you could also come check out my blog:)

  7. omg i need that bag, love the color too

  8. nice bag- love the shade of yours.

  9. This Kors' bag is really awesome! I will always save it



  10. I love your blog! It's so interesting! I'll be reading! Really.
    Maybe we can follow each other? ;)
    xoxo Kinga

  11. Great tip. Sounds like buy one for half and get the other for half kind of thing. I agree with you that we don't need to buy pricey bags. I love the orange one btw. Looks great.
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc?

  12. Love this bag so much, very sophisticated and it can be paired with almost everything <3

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