Monday, October 14, 2013


Hello fashionistas! Happy Columbus Day! Hope most of you enjoy your 3 day weekend ! :) Here's an outfit to keep in mind this fall during this 70 degree weather. 

Rock my look
Shorts: Hollister
Bag: DSW
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Charming Charlie, & Lucky Brand 

So I don't have work today so I had some extra time on my hand to upload an outfit! I wore this outfit to school and lunch with my photographer, Minh Thai. Huge thank you!!

So I am wearing shorts, this is not a dress. It might be a dress for everyone else but I am really tall so I had to wear something under. Oh and I am also wearing a belt in the middle of the top because this top is a one size fits all so it is necessary to wear something to hold the top.


Olivia Abdelmalek

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