Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mixing Prints

Hello all! So sorry I've been MIA. I've had a lot of work to do, and now I'm taking a study break to upload the blog with this crazy bright outfit I put together last week. Enjoy!

Top: Kmart 
Pants: H&M 
Shoes: Cotton On

This shoot was so much fun, it was pretty interesting to see how the images came out because this was a night shoot. I was surprised they came out so good! 
Anyway, I wore this outfit to a festival, I figured why not show up with some color and patterns? I love this top! It has a bright color and a nice floral pattern, I could have worn it with plain pants, but you guys know me buy now, I'm very bold and loveeee standing out so I went with another pattern. These snake skinned looking pants are high waisted and fit so well and go amazing with this bright yellow top. I am so excited for this coming month, lots of events !!! I will keep you all posted. Make sure to follow me on instagram, twitter and all that shenanigans 

I changed my Instagram 

Feel free to comment and let me know what you want to see next!

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