Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jets Game!

My First ever Football game! Such an amazing experience, especially since we had VIP tickets and the Green Room. The Green Room consisted of complimentary drinks and food and these amazing seats!
Jets Vs. Buccaneers!

 This is my Vice President, Stefan, he is amazing! With these tickets, we had the opportunity to go out on the field and check out the players while they were warming up during pre-game.

(Left to Right ) Troy, Stefan , Me, and Jake

Jake fooling around with the camera and gave me this beautiful shiny smile.

 The "beautiful" Mark Sanchez
 I kept it very casual, I wanted to be comfortable because I knew I was going to be going up and down stairs and didn't wanna go all out because this was my first football game so I kept it safe. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  so I didn't have to bring a sweater and I was not too hot or cold. So I stuck with a green Jets jersey that I bought from Modell's the day before the game. Haha! I'm not a Jet's fan or anything I just needed something to wear to the game. And paired it up with skinny jeans and black puma shoes. Sorry I didn't get to take a whole outfit picture, I was too busy enjoying the game.

My boss taught me so much about football in such little time, so I wasn't just sitting on the side looking like a complete idiot. This way I had a lot to talk about with my co-workers.  It was such a close game, the score was 17-16, Buccaneers. And we only had about 15 seconds to score a field goal, and we did! So it was a well spent Sunday!


Olivia <3

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