Sunday, September 22, 2013

Laser Cut

Finally a chance to go out and loosen up a bit from all the school and work hecticness with dinner and a little partying. 

 Here are the details of the top :)

 Rock My Look:
Top: Marshall's
Skirt: Windsor
Sandals: ZARA
Belt: H&M

Don't get fooled by this two piece outfit, it is not a dress, it is two individual pieces, the shirt is navy blue, and the skirt is black. I decided to go with this laser cut top and an envelope skirt for this night out. I love this top because of the laser cut detailing and it brings out m collar bones without me having to do anything! I couldn't wear a necklace because the shirt was basically the necklace, and I tied my hair up to show the amazing detail on the top! The shirt is very flowy, so I had to add a belt to tame it, which just made the look much better. And the skirt, I love this skirt! I can pair it up with any blouse, top, sweater and it makes the outfit look fabulous and dressy or casual, whatever you want.

Hope you have a great afternoon!
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